Promo photo for The Accent. Cut a really dark single for ‘red sky at night’ in the late 60s. Proto-metal for sure.
The clouds have groovy faces.
"Original punk rock from the psychedelic 60s!" Pebbles Vol 9. Nuggets knockoff comp series featuring mainly regional singles of US garage groups. Dope.
Turning basics into songs.

From Jay Street to 4th Ave I watched a scholar on the subway eat his beard. I assume he was scholar because he had his laptop in a Strand shoulder bag, and a nice pair of shoes that were not very well taken care of. I assume he was eating his beard because he was putting pieces of it in his mouth and eating it.

Example: beard munching scholar.

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I was walking down 25th this morning, and for the last month they’ve had a large portion of the sidewalk blocked off for one of those endless refurbishing projects, and that runs on for about three or four buildings from the Goodwill and $1 Pizza to what is essentially the front doors of the homeless shelter that no one wanted there.

So, in order to not walk across or walk directly into traffic, you have to go down this blind shoot made up of a temporary ‘post no bills’ construction wall on one side, and around three sawhorses with a bunch of traffic cones plugging the holes in between on the other. That only gives enough clearance room on the road for compact cars to squeeze through single-file but the vans are still going down it anyway, and when the pass you their mirrors’ almost touch your elbows, or shoulder bag, or anything that might be hanging too far off on your left.

Anyways, I’m groggy, haven’t had coffee, coming down the shoot, and when it bends into the egress I bump really hard into a guy who looks almost exactly like Devin Townsend from Strapping Young Lad.
He doesn’t notice that he knocked into me, I don’t think, because he’s looking back over his shoulder, and in an exacerbated sort of way, he says, “I’ll meet you there in 15 minutes.”

And as he moves out of my field of vision, I’m suddenly doing a two-step with the back doors of an ambulance. The ambulance is a sort of regular occurrence at the shelter, and there are three emergency workers rolling a guy strapped down on a gurney from the open twin doors of the shelter. He is an older guy, a little leathery, and even though he’s strapped down I can tell that he is pretty tall.

He has a newer army issued backpack with the computer-generated camouflage plopped over on his stomach above the straps, and he is squirming really hard, so one of the workers has to hold onto the bag to make sure he doesn’t knock it on the ground. And in a voice that very obviously hurts, like causing him actual physical pain to get out, he shouts at the guy who just knocked into me, “NO! I WANT YOU TO COME WITH ME!”

This has been really bothering me all day.


Here is what 25th Street looks like when it is on fire.

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For those of you like me that have a hard time getting sleep and staying asleep, I’ve found solution! It is called National Wrestling Alliance Super Cards, specifically the Starcades from the early 80’s.

I’ve been trying to make it to the conclusion of the Cage Match between Harley Race and Ric Flair for the last 3 nights (no spoilers please, I’m trying again tonight!), and the combination of the extreme low light in the Greensboro Coliseum and the soothing voice of the late Gordon Solie, puts me out like a light. Seriously gang, it is a Christmas Miracle!

Man’s man and sleep therapist, Harley Race.

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